Artisan - designer of leather objects


The shoe-collection made of leather, with wooden heels and wooden soles. The constructional idea that I applied in my design:

What interested me on one hand was how to lead the leather web on wooden forms (for example, last), with the creation of the composure how to follow the wooden shapes;

On the other hand was how to connect the sole and the uppers to make organic shoes.

I created two different shoe-caracters: there are some sculpture-like organic shoes and some shoe-object with robust wooden sole which can move like the caterpillar.

I built up the sculpture-like shoes on the last of thin leather stripes with leather weaving technique of my own. There are two points of the shoes: the toe-cap and the heel, where can be built some sculptural forms.

The shoe-object with robust wooden sole were born from my idea how to connect the sole and the upper of the shoes with my weaving method. I created robust wooden sole, which can move like caterpillar treads. This is a constructional invention: the wooden sole consists of several wooden pieces that are assembled by metal rails and hinges, so it can follow the movements of the foot. The uppers were created with a craft technique I developed. Due to this unique method it is needless to use the last, because the size of the stripes can be constructed by the shape of the foot; and the whole shoe can be assembled or taken apart easily.