Artisan - designer of leather objects


My designs are built on the previous ones. It is a sequence. First I made some accessories: rucksacks, handbags, shoes and hats. They were so sculpture-like creations, that I decided I would make some pieces of furniture as functional sculptures. Then I want to create some sonorific objects…I want to take an excursion from the world of 3-dimensions to the world of the 4th dimension: to the world of sounds, so I created some drums. These are percussion instruments of my own.

Before I made them, I made a research work in the ancient african percussion instruments.

“The Three Magi drums” in the shape of hour-glass and the method of the tuning resembling the african djembe drums.

The slitdrums made of three kinds of wood (teak, mahogany, beechwood). The shapes of them like rubbles, and the sound of them like the mokugyo, that is an ancient japanese drum. Their meditative sound is owing to their central forms.